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Health & Safety is a priority for OABA
OABA has the resources you need to ensure the success of your compliance programs. We have the skills and programs you need to meet your obligations as defined in Federal and Provincial Health & Safety legislation as well as the many other regulations which impact your company.
Are you prepared to defend yourself against negligence charges under the Criminal Code of Canada for failure to ensure the safety of your employees and the public?
Program Development and Management Support
We can help you identify what you must do to meet your legal obligations, to establish required training programs as well as assisting you in program implementation and maintenance. We can offer environmental and safety system inspections of warehouses, offices, maintenance shops, grain elevators, silos, fire code compliance, vehicles and site security. An up-to-date snapshot of your organization to provide you with valuable information on the status of your company's compliance practices. For more information on our consulting services contact OABA at 519-822-3004.
Compliance audits to review your programs, records and related documentation. This ensures you are thorough in all required records. A "must" to ensure you are doing all you can do to safeguard your people, your company and your environment.
Training & Member Fee for Service Rates
We can customize the training you need, at cost effective prices, to ensure your employees remain safe and productive. We can develop site-specific training programs for you based on your needs. For more information on our training services contact OABA at 519-822-3004.
Agri Business Safety Network
Creating a culture of health and safety is the cornerstone of the 'Agri Business Safety Network'. Throught the delivery of relevant safety information, training and networking opportunities in regional meetings across the province, this program will target the creation of a culture of health and safety in agri business workplaces.
The individuals participating in the "Network" will also play a key role in the program by taking a leadership role in the development of relevant program, speaker presentations and training to be delivered. The ultimate goal of the network is to give the participants both the tools and the personal connections they need to assist them in eliminating workplace injuries/accidents and to make agri business workplaces healthier and safer for all employees.
For more info on the Agri Business Safety Network - contact the OABA office at 519-822-3004 or email: Or view the 'More info...' link under Agri Business Safety Network on the Key Dates page.
OABA Health and Safety Committee
The establishment of the OABA Health and Safety Committee was approved by the Board of Director in December, 2006. The mandate of this committee is to develop, with the assistance of the Health, Safety & Regulatory Compliance Specialist, strategies to reduce workplace injuries and accidents. Based on the health and safety needs of the membership in the agri-business sector, this committee develops sector specific standards, products, programs and services. To contact a representative on this Committee contact OABA at 519-822-3004.
If you have questions related to workplace health and safety, contact the OABA office. Our Specialist is your Specialist; we have the answers and are here to help you succeed.
Health, Safety & Regulatory Compliance Specialist
Phone: 519-822-3004