Crop Inputs Agri Business Sectors

Farm crop receipts for grains, oilseeds, fruit and vegetables in 2015 totalled just over $6.3 billion. The crop input sector provided the products and expertise that assisted producers in raising these crops. Crop Inputs can be placed in four main sectors: seed, fertilizer, crop protection, and service.


Ontario producers spent $637 million on commercial seed in 2015. Crop input suppliers sell a wide variety of seeds based on local growing conditions, planned end use of the crop, and management abilities of the individual producer.


Crop input suppliers provide producers with a wide range of fertilizers that supply plants with essential nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and minerals required for healthy plant growth. Many plants use more nutrients than are readily available to them in the soil, fertilizers supplement the nutrients found in the soil, ensuring the plant has access to a sufficient amount of nutrients that will permit them to meet quality and yield potential. Ontario crop producers spent $822 million on fertilizer and lime in 2015.

Crop Protection

Crop Protection products (herbicides, insecticides and fungicides - collectively known as pesticides) protect plants against competition from weeds, insects and disease, allowing them to produce increased yields per unit of land. Ontario producers spent $354 million on pesticides in 2015.


Agri business provides a wide range of services to crop producers, helping them make the best use of crop inputs.
These services include:
Professionally trained agronomists aid crop producers by helping them select a seed variety, use soil test data to calculate proper fertilizer application rates for crops being grown, and assist with the selection of a crop protection package that meets an individual producer's needs. Ontario is a part of the American Society of Agronomy's Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) program, a professional designation for agronomists that requires testing and a designated level of experience to obtain and continued education to maintain. There are approximately 573 CCA's working in Ontario today.
Professional Application
Many crop input suppliers provide trained professionals to apply crop protection products and fertilizers for crop producers. These professional applicators must possess mandatory Ontario pesticide safety certification and licensing.
Precision Agriculture
Crop input retailers are continually using advanced high tech equipment and programs, including satellite technology to work with producers in improving nutrient placement and efficiency. These practices not only protect our land and environment, but help the producer make more economically efficient use of crop inputs, while growing a quality, high yield crop.